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What Is Growth Hormone (GH)? Lysine 1 Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition

Side Effects of GH:

Abuse of GH in Sports:

Growth Hormone - Raising Exercises:

How To Naturally Increase GH:

We believe that the best way to combat the abuse of a substance in sports is to offer an alternative to it. This section offers natural alternatives to synthetic human growth hormone. On the other hand, increasing your GH levels in a natural way does not have the adverse effects of synthetic GH. But “naturally” does not mean necessarily harmless and lack of any side effect.

You can raise your growth hormone levels in different ways; one of them is exercise ( see "Growth Hormone - Raising Exercises").

Supplementation with certain amino acids and consumption of certain food supplements can improve growth hormone secretion with no toxicity or side effects. For detailed information about GH enhancers, click on them below:Growth hormone 2 Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition


Co – Enzyme Q10


Ferulic Acid

Gamma Oryzanol



Insulin – Like Growth Factor – I (IGF – I)


Omega – 3 Essential Fatty Acids


Ornithine Alpha – Ketoglutarate (OKG)

Potassium and Growth Hormone


Vitamin B3 (Niacin)