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Hesperidin is a flavonoid that has a potent antioxidant activity. It shows Hesperidin Antioxidant 1 Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition caasnanti – inflammatory property and may stabilize collagen and elastin. Interestingly, it has a sedative effect as well. A semisynthetic form of hesperidin is called diosmin, which is used in treatment of hemorrhoids.

Hesperidin is also known as citrus flavonoid, hesperidin methyl chalcone (HMC), hesperidina, and trimethylhesperidin-chalcon.

Natural Sources:

Hesperidin can be found in citrus fruits, especially bitter orange and lemon with the highest concentration in the peels. Peppermint also contains small amounts of hesperidin.

Potential Health Benefits of Hesperidin:

  1. Capillary fragility.
  2. Easy bruising.
  3. Hemorrhoids.
  4. Chronic venous insufficiency.
  5. Healing the ulcers caused by poor circulation.
  6. Diabetic foot ulcer.
  7. Varicose veins.
  8. Sports injuries: tendinitis, bursitis, strains and sprains.
  9. Steriae (stretch marks).
  10. Poor lymphatic drainage.
  11. Visual health: better eyesight and visual clarity.


Hesperidin is usually taken 250 – 500 mg daily. For hemorrhoids, it is generally combined with diosmin and higher doses would be needed.