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Canoe is a paddle sport in which participants usually kneel facing forward in an open or closed-decked canoe. Then participants propel themselves by using a single-bladed paddle.

Kayaking is similar to canoe with some differences. Kayak has a closed deck and participants propel themselves forward by using a double-bladed paddle. Also in kayak, participants are always seated.

According to the classification of IOC (International Olympic Committee), canoe events are categorized into two groups: slalom and sprint.

During canoe/kayak sprint, participants compete on calm water, whereas during canoe/kayak slalom, participants have to navigate their canoes or kayaks through a course of hanging gates on Whitewater River (a rapid river with turbulence) in the fastest time.

Canoe Kayak 2 Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition caasn

Canoe/Kayak Slalom Events:

Men`s Events

Women`s Events

C-1 (canoe single)

C-2 (canoe double)

K-1 (kayak single)

K-1 (kayak single)

Canoe/Kayak Sprint Events:

Men`s Events

Women`s Events

C-1 1000 m (canoe single)

C-1 200 m (canoe single)

C-2 1000 m (canoe double)

K-1 1000 m (kayak single)

K-1 200 m (kayak single)

K-2 1000 m (kayak double)

K-2 200 m (kayak double)

K-4 1000 m (kayak four)

K-1 200 m (kayak single)

K-1 500 m (kayak single)

K-2 500 m (kayak double)

K-4 500 m (kayak four)


Click on them below for detailed information about energy systems, energy maps, endurance levels, calories burned, and the risk of sports injuries in different events of Canoe/Kayak:

Canoe/Kayak Slalom Events (All Events) and Canoe/Kayak Sprint, Women`s Events (All events, except K-1 200 m kayak single):


Canoe/Kayak Sprint, Women`s Events (K-1 200 m kayak single ONLY) and Canoe/Kayak Sprint, Men`s Events (C-1 200 m canoe single, K-1 200 m kayak single, and K-2 200 m kayak double):


Canoe/Kayak Sprint, Men`s Events (C-1 1000 m canoe single, C-2 1000 m canoe double, K-1 1000 m kayak single, K-2 1000 m kayak double, and K-4 1000 m kayak four):