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Biathlon is a winter Olympic sport in which cross – country skiing and rifle shooting are combined together. Athletes compete with each other in different events.

Biathlon 1 Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition caasn

Biathlon Events:

Men`s Events

Women`s Events

10 km

20 km

12.5 km pursuit

15 km mass start

4X7.5 km relay

7.5 km

15 km

10 km pursuit

12.5 km mass

4X6 km relay


Click on them below for detailed information about energy systems, energy maps, endurance levels, calories burned, and the risk of sports injuries in different events of Biathlon:

Women`s Events (7.5 km, 4X6 km relay) and Men`s Events (4X7.5 km relay):


Men`s Events (10 km):


Women`s Events (10 km pursuit) and Men`s Events (12.5 km pursuit):Biathlon 2 Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition caasn


Women`s Events (15 km, 12.5 km mass start) and Men`s Events (20 km, 15 km mass start):