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Known also as “beet sugar”, betaine is a sweet-tasting alkaloid that Betaine 1 Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition caasnacts as a methyl donor in the body. Betaine is not a pigment.

Food Sources:

Vegetables: beets, spinach, and sweet potatoes.


Health Benefits:

  1. Functions along with vitamins B12, B9 and B6 to lower homocysteine level.
  2. May be used in inherited homocystinuria.
  3. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  4. May have a protective effect against deposition of fats in the liver (fatty liver).
  5. Acts as a liver detoxifier.
  6. Is used as the food supplement, betaine hydrochloride, to increase stomach acid level in people with a stomach acid deficiency.

Betaine 2 Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition caasn