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Beta- Alanine is a variant of L – alanine and naturally occurring beta-amino acid. It is Sports Performance Enhancers Beta Alanine 1 Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition caasnnot a constituent of proteins but is a component of carnosine and vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid).The popularity of Beta- Alanine among athletes is due to its ability to be a very efficient buffer in the muscles.

Athletic Benefits of Beta – Alanine:


Beta – Alanine is the rate – limiting precursor of carnosine and anserine, which means supplementation with Beta – Alanine increases carnosine and anserine. They are potent “proton buffering agents” and delay fatigue and improve endurance in athletes by preventing from lactic acid build up.

a) Increases muscle strength and total muscle work.

b) Acts an anti – catabolic agent in high duration exercises.

c) Enhances performance in short to medium but high intensity exercise.


Dosage and Side Effects:


Beta – Alanine is available in the forms of tablet and powder. It is usually taken 3 – 5 grams about 30 – 60 minutes before exercise or competition. It is controversial whether to do loading first.

After taking Beta – Alanine, some experience numbness, tingling, and an allergic-type skin flushing. This is famous as “alanine reaction” and is very similar to “niacin reaction”. It is because the metabolism of Beta – Alanine releases histidine, which increases histamine production. Sports Performance Enhancers Beta Alanine 2 Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition caasn