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The certificate programs offered by the Canadian Academy of Sports NutritionSports Nutrition Certificate 3 Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition caasn (CAASN) are intended for professional development and skill upgrading for those who have already the skills and knowledge required to obtain an entry level position in a vocation and are offered for the sole purpose of upgrading or updating qualifications.

Why CAASN Certificates?

The field of nutrition and particularly sports nutrition is highly dynamic and constantly evolving. It is moving forward at an astonishingly fast pace, affecting every aspects of human health. If you have an aptitude for science, a CAASN certificate is the right choice for you:

1) They provide the most updated information and knowledge and bridge the gap between theoretical research and practice.

2) The lectures have been created based on scientific findings and experience, enabling the graduates to compose winning nutritional programs for ordinary and physically active people.

3) Simplifying the most complicated subjects in nutrition, sports nutrition and medicinal nutrition, the CAASN lectures have been uniquely designed to inspire students to reach their full potential in their careers.

4) The lectures contain the latest breakthroughs and many practical dietary guidelines to enhance physical performance.

5) In terms of fitness and sports, the lectures integrate biological, clinical and even behavioral sciences to deliver wise and commonsense guidance to enhance wellness, promote health and maximize athletic performance.

Certificate Programs: 

For detailed information about course description, prerequisites and curriculum for each program, click on the program below.

General Nutrition Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition       Fitness Nutrition Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition        Beauty Nutrition Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition   

Sports Nutrition Level 1 Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition        Sports Nutrition Level 2 Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition        Sports Nutrition Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition

Weight Management Coach Level 1 Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition       Weight Management Coach Level 2 Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition        Medicinal Nutrition Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition

Integrative Therapeutic Nutrition Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition

Additional Information About The "CAASN Certificate Programs":

A) Course Description:

All ten certificate programs offered by the Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition consists of highly academic video lectures and their related homework.The curriculum designed for each program is the extract of over 25 years of experience working with elite athletes worldwide and leading fitness-seeking clients and over 50,000 sessions of counselling regarding general/fitness/sports/medicinal nutrition.

We have used over 1200 high quality images, illustrations, graphs, charts and tables to make the lectures easy to understand, enjoyable to listen, and satisfying to follow.

Encompassing academic and comprehensive lectures and never-before-heard subjects, each program provides scientific yet practical knowledge and information to students, assisting them to excel in their carriers.

Students are not allowed to download any video lectures and they can watch and listen to them online only. Nevertheless, students would be able to download and print out the slides/lecture notes in PDF forms. Some extra materials may be sent to students.

We strongly recommend that students to listen one lecture a day, do some extra curriculum studies from references of their choices and complete the assigned tasks. However, some students might be able to listen to more than one lecture a day.

B) Application Form and Approval for Program:

Applicants should submit their application forms along with supporting documents via email. The academy will review the application form and notify the applicant within 48 hours whether he/she is approved for the program. If you do not see any emails from the academy in your inbox after 48 hours, please check your Spam or Bulk mail Folder.

C) Homework:

There are two assigned homework for students to complete at the end of each lecture. The homework should not be copied from the lectures. They should be in the form of a short essay combining their understanding of the lectures and their extra curriculum studies.

The homework should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as attachments. Non-attached homework will be declined. When submitting their homework, the subject should include “student`s full name and the number of lecture”, e.g. “Abazar Habibinia_lecture 76”. We suggest that students complete the homework right after listening to lectures, not allowing them to be piled up for the last moments.

D) Exam:

Depending on the programs the students would select, it is expected that students to be able to complete the program in 3 to 8 months ( See the CAASN new policies below). Students will be given up to 30 days extra time to review and study their materials for the exam. The academy will notify student of the date of the exam.

1) The exam is online and consists of multiple choice questions. It is the student`s responsibility to ensure to have access to a computer or laptop and an Internet connection on the exam day.

2) The passing score has been set at 65% and students will not be charged for the first exam.

3) If a student failed the first exam, he/she would be given up to two months to prepare himself/herself and the student will be charged CAD$ 50.00 for the second and third exams.

4) If a student failed to pass the exams three times, he/she would have to attend an oral exam of two hours in duration on the phone. The fee for the oral exam is CAD$150.00.

E) CAASN Digital Certificates:

1) As of January 01, 2020, there will be no hard copies of CAASN certificates anymore. As per approval by the CAASN board of directors, the academy will issue high quality "CAASN Digital Certificates". When a student passed the exam, his/her CAASN Digital Certificate(s) of the selected program(s) will be emailed to him/her. To send CAASN Digital certificates by email has the following advantages:

1a) It is fast and convenient for both students and the academy.

1b) Students can print their certificates on any type and size of a paper they wish to.

1c) In case of losing the certificate, students can print them without limitations.

2) If a student wished to have his/her CAASN Digital Certificate to be printed and shipped by the academy, there will be a charge of CAD $150.00 fee.

3) To view a sample of a CAASN certificate, you may visit the CAASN gallery.

F) Account Accessibility:

A student`s account will not be activated until the academy receives the payment of tuition fee for the selected program. Upon payment confirmation from PayPal which may take few hours, his/her account will be activated and he/she will be notified of account activation, allowing him/her to have access to video lectures. When a student passed the exam, his/her access to video lectures would be terminated.

G) Tuition Fee:

Each program has its own tuition fee, and the payment includes tuition fee, cost of the materials, and the fee for the first exam. However, tuition fee might be modified as per sole discretion of the Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition.

Upon activating the account and assigning the program, the payment is non-refundable. Also the payment cannot be transferred to another person. If a student decided to withdraw from the program, his/her tuition fee will be kept as credit for 18 months since his/her registration date. The amount will be forfeited after 18 months.

H) Testimonial:

The Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition reserves the right to take pictures from the certificates and to post them on its website for educational and testimonial purposes. Students may be asked to write comments about their selected programs and submit an image of themselves along with their certificates. The comments and images may be published on the website of the academy for educational and testimonial purposes without their permission. Also the academy may post a student's name and his/her brief bio on its website and its pages on social media for testimonial purposes without his/her consent. 

I) Copyright Protection:

The video lectures and lecture notes published here on this website are the properties of the Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition. Students can watch them for their own personal uses towards their "selected programs". No part of the contents of the video lectures may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition.